Jonathan Shull is the brand force behind widespread successful companies in the southeast. He has helped meticulously define and create brands that have propelled restaurants, business districts, hospitality industry partners and various niche companies to achieve powerful results. Companies choose Jonathan for his critical attention to detail, his listening ear and his execution of simply beautiful design.

A native of Jackson, Jonathan Shull initially studied architecture at Mississippi State University and then segued into Graphic Design. Noting that both fields complement each other, he began designing concepts that merged architectural focus with the thrust of branding design. He executed this expertise in various former professional positions prior to launching his design house, including those at Bomgar Corporation and Neiman Marcus Advertising to name a few. Today, Jonathan Shull Design has an expanded workforce to provide full service marketing services and devoted strategy to its clients.

When Jonathan is not designing, he spends his time with his wife and three children, seeking inspiration through shared experiences, culture, food and reading.




BRADLEY ADAIR art director


SHELLEY MOORE art director


MOLLIE GREGORY project manager